Grouting offers it’s own issues requiring anywhere from cleaning to colouring and crack repairs to replacement. Tile and Grout Brisbane grouting services include cost effective treatments to repair or regrout, reseal or recolour, rejuvenate or replace all with a wide colour range to ensure we achieve an exact match of your existing grout.

We only use tried and proven products such as durable epoxy based products with a complete sealant range including heavy duty sealants and hybrid sealers options. You will find that our tile grouting services are extensive covering grout cleaning to grout replacement and everything in between. We also provide stone grouting rejuvenation services for those great customised floors.

Grout Cleaning Brisbane

Sponge mopping your tiles and cleaning individual spillages with a sponge pushes dirty water into the grout lines which hasten the change of your grouts appearance. We have designed our own grout cleaners Brisbane that gives you the new grout look without us having to spend long hours on your tiling surfaces. DIY grout cleaning is great as a weekly maintenance but it will not remove the worn in dirt that the floors and bench tops and tiled splashbacks are subjected to.

It is recommended that you have your grout professionally cleaned at least every two years depending on foot traffic volume and/or usage.

Grout Repairs Brisbane

We have all seen cracked grouting somewhere in our tiles. This is due to sub-floor movement or ground settling. Cracked grout not only spoils the overall appearance of your tiling, it is a harbour for bacteria.

In some instances you can fill the crack and get the desired effect you are looking for. But, if that grout has been cracked for a while before you attend to it, there is a high likelihood that there has been some weaknesses caused to the surrounding grout deeper into the crack. Also, a quick fill may not fill all cavities and bacteria will be left to breed.

Grout Replacement

There are times that it will be far more cost effective to replace the grout in part or completely. By the time we repair a particular area of grout, there is likely to be a ‘domino’ effect on the grout line. This may become obvious at the time of repair or develop shortly after.

Upon inspection, we will be able to offer our advice as to whether it will be more economical for us to replace a wider area of grout than just the obvious damaged area. But whether we replace a small or large area, we have the styles and colours to achieve and exact age match to your existing grout.

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