To keep your grout looking its best, regular maintenance is vital.  Important Tip: To make a massive difference in how your grout looks with less cleaning, reseal your grouting every two years.  It is relatively easy to do at a very low cost.

But resealed or not, you still need to keep up with a regular grout cleaning program not only keeps your grout clean and bacteria free, it helps to maintain the integrity of the grout to minimse the risk of cracking and crumbling. And here we can provide these tips on maintaining your grout to keep it looking great;

  • Immediately clean up all spills. Liquid spills should be wiped with a wet rag and dry spills (which can also stain grout) should be swept up as soon as they are dropped.
  • Regularly treat small stains using the same method you would use for deep cleaning. Other small stain cleaning methods include rubbing in white toothpaste with your finger or using a white pencil eraser.
  • Avoid mould and mildew by keeping the area well ventilated. Use an exhaust fan after showers and wipe down wet tiles.
  • Apply grout sealer once a year. This will help dirt and stains from seeping into the pores of the grout and also help with mould and mildew.
  • Grout can also be dyed a different colour – you can choose a colour that matches your tiles or opt for a contrasting effect. This will help to disguise any stains and keep it looking cleaner.
  • Replace your grout when it gets old and starts to crack and crumble. New grout is easier to clean and helps to keep your tiles looking new.