Routine tile maintenance is an important part of keeping your tiles looking their absolute best. Tiles should be regularly vacuumed, swept or dry mopped to remove debris and stop it from abrading the surface of the tiles.

Cleaning of your tiles should also be done on a regular basis using a wet mop and neutral pH diluted detergent or even just plain water. It is important to avoid using cleaners which have ingredients such as oils, fats or soaps as these can attract more dirt as they build up on the surface of the tiles over time and attract more dirt which becomes harder to remove.

Sticky residue such as chewing gum or stickers can be removed with careful use of a putty knife or spatula.  Food and grease stains can be cleaned using de-greasing cleaners, but they should be spot tested in an out of the way location to ensure they do not react to the tile or grout.  Abrasive cleaners should be used very sparingly and the tiles thoroughly rinsed immediately afterwards.

IMPORTANT FOOTNOTE: After cleaning your tiles, it is important to take a little extra time to ensure the grout is also wiped clean of any dirty water that remains in the recessed areas.