Your tiles not only require regular cleaning, they also require maintenance to ensure they do not lift and become ‘floating tiles. Once one lifts, the surrounding tiles will gradually lose their grip on the sub floor and in a very short space of time, you will have a serious problem on your hands. Our services range from tile cleaning to tile grinding and smoothing or damaged surface repair, worn tile revival and levelling of uneven tiles.

Our tile treatments services consist of these main factors;

Tile Cleaning

Tiles are generally tough and have a high resistance to dirt at floor tile cleaning Brisbane and tile restoration Brisbane, but sand and grit can quickly dull the tiles glazed surfaces and a simple ‘mop over’ will not achieve the best results. Using the ever popular sponge mop effectively pushes dirty water into the grout lines which tend to have a negative effect on your cleaning process.

Our intense restoration tile cleaning system uses a mix of manual application for selective areas followed up with a three head custom designed tile cleaner that will leave your tiles just like new.

Tile Polishing

Some tiles look great just cleaned and natural. But there are many tiles that just have to be polished. We have a high speed polishing machine that can give your tiles a high lustre polished finish anywhere from a low sheen to a high gloss finish that reflects the surroundings. Tiles like marble and porcelain are very expensive and incorrect polishing methods and/or products can seriously have a detrimental effect on those tiles. DIY is fine … provided you know what you are doing and you know which products to use.

Non-slip Tile Surfaces

For patio tiles and pool surround tiles it is a good idea to have a non-slip surface. In many instances, at the time of the tile selection it is highly possible that a non-slip tile was selected. But over time the volume of foot traffic and scrubbing reduces the effectiveness of the non-slip tile.

We can add or rejuvenate a non-slip surface to your tiles. The process will leave your tiles looking great and in most cases, depending on tile colour and pattern, the non-slip tile coating will not be noticeable.

There is also a trend to have internal tiles with a non-slip coating. Areas such as bathrooms and showers for example where the tiles are likely to become wet. But to simply coat tiles with a store bought can of surface non-slip application is not as easy as it sounds and the end result may not have the desired effect or the desired appearance.

Tile Levelling

For a variety of reasons from ground or sub floor movement to poor workmanship, tiles can become uneven. Sometimes just the one and other times a group of tiles. Apart from the aesthetics of such a problem, it can lead to things such as edge chipping and cracking.

Tile and grout Brisbane have the experience and know the shortcuts to repair such problems quickly and permanently. Even if it is a ground movement problem, we have a system that can allow for that and in most cases, eliminate the problem from re-occurring years down the track.

Tile Surface Repair

Tiles are certainly resilient but they are subject to some harsh treatment. And when floor tiles are involved, we all know how many times something solid is dropped on them. In some cases, there may be a small chip and in others a crack. But even that small chip can cause a weak spot in the tile and deteriorate. Plus of course, that small chip will harbour bacteria which will always return after a mop over.

If you notice any tile surface damage, it is a good idea to attend to it sooner than later. Cracked tiles are the most common issue caused by the dropping of hard objects or sub-floor movement. We can have those fixed for you professionally and in most cases, it will be hard to notice that there was ever a crack there.

Wall Tiles, Bench Tiles and Tiled Splashbacks

We not only work with flooring and ground tiles, we can apply almost all of our tile and grouting applications to your wall tiles, benchtops and tiled splashbacks. From chip filling and crack repairs to rejuvenation and replacement, we have the expertise to attend to all your tiling issues.

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