Routine Floor Tile and Wall Tile Maintenance

Routine tile maintenance is an important part of keeping your tiles looking their absolute best. Tiles should be regularly vacuumed, swept or dry mopped to remove debris and stop it from abrading the surface of the tiles. Cleaning of your tiles should also be done on a regular basis using a wet mop and neutral pH diluted detergent or even just plain water. It is important to avoid using cleaners which have ingredients such as oils, fats or soaps as these can attract more dirt as they build up on the surface of the tiles over time and attract more dirt which becomes harder to remove. […]

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Maintaining the Grout in Your Tiles

To keep your grout looking its best, regular maintenance is vital.  Important Tip: To make a massive difference in how your grout looks with less cleaning, reseal your grouting every two years.  It is relatively easy to do at a very low cost. But resealed or not, you still need to keep up with a regular grout cleaning program not only keeps your grout clean and bacteria free, it helps to maintain the integrity of the grout to minimse the risk of cracking and crumbling. And here we can provide these tips on maintaining your grout to keep it looking great; […]

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Clean Floor Tiles Easily

Tiling is an excellent choice for areas in the home such as kitchens and bathrooms that might get wet from time to time.  In order to keep your tile flooring in the best possible condition and looking like new for years, follow the tile cleaning tips below. Remove loose dirt and crumbs daily by either sweeping or vacuuming.  This will prevent dirt from sitting in wet areas and turning into grime which is difficult to remove. Mop your tiles on a regular basis to remove surface stains and dirt.  Before mopping your tile floor, sweep or vacuum. Use warm water and clean the mop in fresh water after mopping each section.  After mopping, run a dry cloth or mop over the floor to prevent new dirt from accumulating. Attend to spills promptly.  The longer spills are left to sit, the more time they will have to soak into the grout.  Use disinfectant to clean dirtier spills such as meat juices or pet accidents.  Disinfectant can be sprayed directly onto the spill and wiped up with a damp cloth. […]

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